Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing


1. Title and Origin:
• Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing (ADDM)
• American Center for Education

2. Program Summary:

Pending for updating…

3. Entry Requirements:

Pending for updating…

4. Total Course Duration/Instruction Hours:

Pending for updating…

5. Mode of Delivery, Class Size and Intake:

Delivery    : Lectures and Tutorials (Blended)

Class Size  : Minimum Six (6) – Maximum Forty (40)

Intake      : Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov of each year

*Note: The course intake months might be adjusted.

6. Course Fees:

• Please click here to find out the relevant fee details.

• Please follow your signed student contract to make the relevant payment.

• Students and parents shall transfer the course fees directly to ACE bank account or make the payment to ACE finance department.

• Students and parents shall pay attention to the risk of paying course fees through recruitment agents or other third parties.

7. Course Synopses and Module Syllabus:

Pending for updating…

8. Graduation Requirement

Pending for updating…

9. Assessment Methods:

• Assignment (Homework, Quizzes, Group work & etc)

• Mid-Term Examination

• Final Examination

10. Lecturers:

Please refer to this page for the relevant lecturers being assigned to the relevant modules.

If you need any extra information about this course, please click here to write to ACE course consultants.

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