Vision, Mission, Values & Culture


To be recognized in excellence for global higher education.


To provide our students with a world-class education to enable their personal growth and success with an open-minded and global perspective.

Core Values

  • Academic Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Engagement
  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness

Culture Statement

  • ACE encourages a ‘culture of Lifelong Learning’.
  • ACE provides an engaging learning environment for our students.
  • Our management team will serve as role models for our values displaying integrity, respect, and care.
  • The student support services that we provide to our students will create a culture and climate of fairness, care, trust, and friendliness for our students.

Further to the values and culture of our college, we wish to inculcate a culture of Lifelong Learning in the teaching environment as well as the strategic development of transforming every student enrolled in the ACE to be the best they can be.

Every student regardless of their nationalities especially those from the neighboring countries comes with one aim and that is to excel in their studies of choice. Due to their lacking proficiency in the English language, they are deemed to be slower at the beginning of the transition period but are usually able to accelerate exponentially given the right learning environment. Hence, the teaching strategies adopted by the college as well as the lecturers become of paramount importance towards the academic pursuits and success of these students. Hence, it explains the urgent need for both our educators as well as learners besides acquiring knowledge but also sharpening our skills to better equip ourselves for doing a job well when entering the job market.

Given this scenario, it is, therefore, necessary for the college to embrace the newly founded paradigm shift which greatly changes the learning landscape in the past ten years or so. 

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