Using Online Study Portal

Using Online Study Portal


ACE has the following Online Study Portal Usage Policy.

1. Students are permitted to use ACE’s digital portals (support service, online study, Microsoft office 365 with outlook) only after they have provided either a written or an oral consent to ACE to record, store and utilize their digital data i.e. fingerprints and photos/face recognitions for ACE’s internal system or online system which is provided by recognized and management approved third party suppliers.

2. Students shall not proceed to use or shall stop using ACE’s digital portals and shall formally request ACE to remove the above digital data if they are not willing to give the above consent or want to withdraw the given consent or are not certain about whether the consent was given.

3. Students are not allowed to use portals to discuss/receive/store/ distribute any unauthorized or inappropriate content or topics.

4. Students are not allowed to use Portals to conduct any inappropriate or illegal activities. Students who are found violating this school regulation might be dismissed immediately.

5. Students accept and agree that ACE may or will regularly monitor/check their activities inside the portals and their content being discussed/ received/stored/distributed using the portals.

6. Students shall not hold ACE liable for any unexpected incidents or events caused by third-party software/systems failure or individuals/organizations.

7. Students agree to defend and indemnify ACE from all liabilities and costs incurred by any parties in connection with any claim arising from their breach of this usage policy.

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