US Education in Singapore

US Education in Singapore

The value of a US Education

An US education in Singapore based on the US standards provides value to the students we at American Center for Education find this statement to be wholly true. There are three key areas that this approach to education helps our students have the best outcome from their education those would be breath of knowledge, flexibility, and globe recognition.

In many nations the universities have turned into machines turning out specialized students be it in computer science, finance, or engineering. While this approach allows student to enter a career quickly after graduation. It lacks in may respects to giving the student the ability to have a wider range of knowledge. For instance, if a student has the aim to be a doctor, the student could enter a school with a major in psychology and minor in economic. Getting the benefits of being closer to the medical degree and then understating a portion of the business world. In the case the student continues to pursue the role of doctor the student will be set. After working for some time and electing to open an office the background in economics will help the student be aware of market effects on the business and be able to write a proper business plan and secure funding.

Next flexibly, the ridge path set in many nations destroys the students’ options to shift for fear of having to start from year 1 in the new field of study. The American education system takes the approach of allowing students 2 years to build up a foundation. And explore various topic such as: sciences, arts, business, language, and mathematics. If one of these becomes a passion the student can easily set up a meeting with an advisor to know more about the path to a degree in this subject and the outcomes. In other parts of the world a student would need to start over from year 1 and lose all the progress made up to that point in time, a sad state of affairs. We at ACE feel a student should not be forced to pick a major too quickly without finding an area to have genuine passion or curiosity to keep them engaged.

Lastly, global recognition of the American degree is something to be desired. ACE is keenly aware top firms will select a candidate of equal scores in GPA / Major / Race based on the location of the university with their rank in mind. By obtaining an American degree our students will place themselves in-front of many other of their soon to be competition in the workplace. The outcome after education is just as important as getting an education.

With all this is being considered ACE does appreciate the asset an American based education will give our incoming students. As they near a strong base of knowledge to helps shape their ideas about what major may be correct. Then flexibly to gain the ability to shift major before completion of a degree and recognition of an American degree can offer when looking for employment.

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