Support & Learning Service


ACE has the following Student Support & Learning Service Policy.

1. Students are responsible to maintain satisfactory attendance rating (at least 90%), demonstrate satisfactory academic and non-academic achievements, conduct appropriate behavior, and settle all the outstanding fees. Failure to do so will result in the non-renewal of the Student Pass.

2. Certain student support services will not be provided if a student has unsettled outstanding fees to clear which may be reflected in the student’s progress report.

3. For any services that may involve service fees, students shall settle the payment within two working days after the submission of requests.

4. Students who join/participate in ACE’s Holistic Development Activities shall sign a waiver or consent form. ACE shall not be responsible for any untoward incidents or any damage/loss caused by any individual persons or any third-party individuals/organizations.

5. Students shall not be allowed to join or shall be immediately stopped from participating in any ACE’s Holistic Activities if they are not willing to give the consent or sign the waiver, or want to withdraw the given consent or are not certain about whether such consent was given.

6. Students below 18 years of age are required to provide a written consent from parents/guardians to be able to join/participate in ACE’s Holistic Development activities.

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