How Can I go to USA for Study

How Can I go to USA for Study

Study in the USA with the 2+2 program

At American Center for Education, the 2+2 Program is the ideal path for those of you who wants to go to USA for study study in USA. With our staff having already sent over ____ students overseas to compete their Bachelor’s Degree in the United States. Students can be at ease with our experience and expertise in the area. ACE will guide the each and every student along the way to fulfilling the goal of higher education. All necessary preparations will be handled for the student by ACE.

The student will spend around 2 years in Singapore building a base of knowledge in American general studies followed by another 2 years in the USA. Our staff shall provide classes on par with those that will be offered in the United States while mirroring the lecture style found in the country. This will engage the students to not only learn the concepts and ideas from a book but then have debates or projects that will enable them to display mastery in the topic. During this time the student earns 30 to 60 credits with American Center for Education.

Once the student’s 2nd year has come to end; a meeting will be held to help advise both the student and parents on the upcoming options. These meeting are conducted to help grasp the major to study, the location of the university, and any concerns the family or student may have. While all United States Universities off a wide array of majors, it is best to find one with a high ranking in the respective major. As for locations being in a major city will allow better access to internships or other social or professional opportunities not found in rural areas of the nation. Lastly the family’s concerns we have had many discussions with parents and students and after getting more information fear uncertainty and doubt all subside. Afterward the student shall have two options to earn their Bachelor’s Degree in the United States of America:

  • Apply to transfer to one of our three university partners University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and University at Albany. Each have a wide array of majors that can be taken.
  • The student earns 1 to 2 years of credits under the Broward College program offered at ACE. A student’s transcripts and GPA from the courses will be used to apply for a transfer to the majority of USA Universities.

American Center for Education will be able to provide in-depth information about those Universities which we have partnered with. These universities cover nearly all the standard majors students seek to obtain such as Business, Computer Science, Politics, Etc. All with respectable state ranking in the United States as well.

Our team can then evaluate with the family if they are the correct fit or the selection of another university is appropriate based on a combination of transcripts, GPA, university standards of entry, location, and major. This will be conducted in a timely manner and with proper due diligence to ensure all parties are well informed of the options. By the end of the second year in Singapore the student will be well prepared to continue onto the United States of America.


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