Student Welfare

Student Welfare


ACE students are able to receive the following benefits if the students are able to follow the relevant terms & conditions.

1. Public Library Membership Grant (reimbursement of 50% annual membership fee)

Terms & Conditions: The student must regularly use the membership to borrow books to read. By accepting the grant from ACE, the student agrees that ACE has the right to require him/her to provide the record of borrowing books and the minimum required number of borrowed books is 5 in a year. The student agrees that he/she is liable to donate S$50 to Singapore Red Cross if the student failed to provide such record upon the request from ACE.

2. Reward for No Gambling & No Smoking program (S$20 voucher)

Terms & Conditions: The student must not join any gambling activities and not smoke in the next two years. The student agrees that ACE could publish/inform this reward scheme being received by the student to the student’s friends or parents or any third parties for education purposes. The student further agrees that if the student is found to have breached this term, the student is liable to denote S$200 to Singapore Red Cross.

3. Reward for 100% Attendance Rate (S$20 voucher)

Terms & Conditions: The student declares that he/she will maintain the 100% attendance rate (except for the leaves due to MC) in the next 12 months. The student further agrees that if his/her average attendance rate in the next 12 months is below 100%, the student Is liable to denote S$50 to Singapore Red Cross.

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