ACE Operations and Student Services Staff are dedicated in facilitating our students throughout their education journey and to render assistance to you from when you first walk through our doors, to the day you graduate.


You can contact the ACE Operations and Student Services at:

  • Hotline at +65 6222 7577
  • Mobile at +65 97778192
  • Email:
  • WeChat: ACE-EDU-SG

Our operating hours are:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 9.00am to 6.00pm
  • Saturdays by appointment only
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


1. ACE Available *Student Support Services

  1. Airport pickup services
  2. Accommodation Arrangement Services
  3. Assistance with applying for a Singapore Student Entry Visa
  4. Assistance with applying for an US Student Visa
  5. Internal Course Transfers
  6. Assistance with applying, renewing and replacement of Student’s Pass
  7. Appeal of Assessment Results
  8. Course Deferment
  9. Re-Issuance of duplication of ACE Official Certificates and transcripts
  10. Posting Documents Overseas
  11. Assistance with arrangements for taking a TOEFL Based Internal English Test
  12. Credit transfers to selected overseas universities.
  13. Student medical insurance coverage for hopitalisation for the course study duration.
  14. Fees Protection Scheme (FPS)
  15. Student Counselling Services
  16. Free access to student lounge, library and campus wireless network
  17. Career guidance and assistance to proceed to higher education.
  18. Assistance with study tours to visit overseas universities
  19. Enhancement programmes in English language skills.
  20. Financial Assistance schemes
  21. Alumni support services
  22. Employment advisory support
  23. Assistance with bank account opening

*Also refer to our Student Contract Schedule C for its chargeable miscellaneous fees where applicable.

Other relevant student services might be provided by ACE upon receiving the requests from the students.


2. Internship /OJT Arrangement/ Career Guidance

ACE Academic Department may arrange for interview sessions between graduates and employers and the success of internships or work placements is dependent on the student’s interview with the Company. It is also subjected to approval by the relevant authorities in Singapore for the required Training Work Permit (arranged by company). ACE does not charge any fee for industrial attachment/placement.


3. Academic Progression Guidance

Students can approach ACE Academic Department to seek assistance for his/her progression guidance and ACE academic department will assist students in applying for their progression into a degree program either with ACE or overseas.

This service is provided free-of-charge to ACE Graduating Students or Graduates. If a student’s university of choice is not in ACE list, ACE office may make arrangements for formal credit exemptions.


4. Service Quality Commitment

The Student Satisfaction Rates for our student support services are key performance indicators being monitored by ACE.

Do click here to view our past Students Satisfaction Survey Results.

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