1. The grant from the scholarship scheme is used to offset part of the course fees. The scholarship selection would be made according to the set criteria, and the students would have to guarantee to maintain the required standard of attendance and grades. If any student fails to meet these requirements, the scholarship might be cancelled or the grant amount might be adjusted.

2. The scholarship grant shall not be more than 80% of the total course fee. The grant amount is subjected to adjustment according to the student’ attendance and grades.

3. The students who wish to apply for the scholarship shall submit the application form to the Management Team (MT) before the commencement of the course. The approval of the scholarship grant amount will be reflected in the Scholarship Agreement while the student contract still reflects the standard course fees. The Scholarship Agreement will include the necessary attendance and grades requirements to be followed by the student.

4. The scholars shall maintain a standard average grade of at least a B to meet the academic requirement and the class/activities attendance shall be at least 95%.

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