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1. ACE Introduction
ACE Introduction: Click here
2. Total Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees
Course Fees: Click here
Miscellaneous Fees: Click here
3. Application Requirements and Procedures
International Students: Click here
Local Students: Click here
Application form: Click here
Student Pass Application Form 16: Click here
Student Pass Application Form v36: Click here
Editable Forms – ACE New Student Application and ICA Student Pass Forms: Click here
4. Offer Letter, Fee Payment Methods and Schedule
ACE Offer Letter: Click here
5. Advisory Note, Student Contract and Declaration and Agreement for Enrolment
Student Contract: Click here
Advisory Note: Click here
CPE PEI-Student Contract Version 3.1: Click here
Declaration and Agreement for Enrolment: Click here
6. Life in Singapore including Accommodation
Life in Singapore: Click here
7. Singapore Laws and Regulations
Singapore Laws and Regulations: Click here
8. Agent Application Form and Contract
Agent Application Form: Click here
Agent Contract and Code of Conduct: Click here
9. Course Details
Refer to various ‘Course Brochures’ and ACE website pages for all the courses.
Course details include but not limited to the following:
• Course Introduction
• Course Admission Requirements
• English Language Proficiency Requirement
• Course Learning Outcomes
• Course Modules and Outlines
• Course Duration and Assessment Frequency
• Promotion and Award Criteria
• Type of Certification

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