Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling


ACE strives to provide holistic care for each student about the 5 aspects of a person – physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual. ACE uses the structure shown below as its Counseling framework.

During the orientation program, ACE reminds students that they need to look after themselves physically – by getting enough exercise and sleep, by not drinking alcohol (excessively), etc.

The academic programs offered by ACE address this need.
If the students have any difficulties in their academic study, the academic staff and Management Team members will provide Counseling services to help the students. If the needs arise, ACE staff will recommend the students for external Pastoral Counseling services.

ACE creates opportunities for students to come together to join in the school activities. They not only have fun doing so but also learn social skills.

The emotional aspect is how a person relates to and accepts himself and his situation. In dealing with students who may need Counseling, Student Service Executives and Management Team members are sensitive to how to address the emotional and social needs of each student who may be lonely or depressed.

ACE arranges for talks conducted by vice-chancellors, school deans, or other representatives from overseas Universities to inspire students to allocate more effort to their study and plan their future well.

If you are willing to contact the external counseling parties, please refer to the following details.

  1. Care Corner: 1800 353 5800, 10:00am – 10:00pm Mon-Sun (except public holidays)
  2. Friends-in-deed Counselling Society
  3. ComCare Hotline: 1800 222 0000, 24 hours daily
  4. SOS (Samaritans of Singapore): 1800 221 4444, 24 hours daily
  5. Singapore Counselling Service (Gambling): 1800 666 8668
  6. Youth: 6787 1125
  7. The Legal Aid Bureau: 1800 325 1424
  8. The Law Society of Singapore: 6536 0650

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