Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

All ACE enrolled students are to be protected by a Medical Insurance (MI) Scheme. The insurance is provided by a registered and approved local insurance company.

An annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and Overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration are provided from this medical insurance protection. The enrolled students will be notified with the Evidence of the Medical Insurance coverage certificate upon their course admission.

Eligibility for the MI
The Medical Insurance protection only covers the officially enrolled students who have paid the medical insurance & service fee to ACE. The international students should have already arrived in Singapore and held a valid pass including an IPA letter for student’s pass.

Summary and Benefit Schedule
Please click here to download the schedule.

Claim Form
Please click here to download the claim form.

Who to contact
American Center for Education
Tel: (65) 9777 8192

For Emergency, please contact Liberty Insurance Singapore Hotline: 1800 542 3789.

Personal Accident Insurance (PA)
The Group Medical Insurance has a very limited coverage of the serious consequence from the personal accident. ACE strongly suggests the students to purchase the standard Personal Accident Insurance from the relevant local insurance companies.

Note: please click here to download the PDF reader.

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