Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy

To enjoy better services and not getting late to start the courses, the students shall strictly follow the enrollment policy.

1. New students are required to report to ACE at least two working days before the course commencement date.

2. New students who fail to report to ACE or fail to meet the basic requirements (set by ICA or ACE) to collect or to be allowed to collect the approved Student Pass are responsible for any consequences.

3. New students who report to ACE or join late from the 6th lesson onward shall submit the relevant supporting documents to apply for the one-month deferred enrollment. The approval of the deferment depends on the validity and acceptability of the reason as well as the supporting documents.

4. Supporting documents for deferred enrollment must be submitted within 3 working days. Failure to do so will mean that the student is considered to have missed the first module and such will be recorded in the student’s progress report.

5. New students are required to attend the orientation session which is usually held the working day before the course commencement date or within the first week of course commencement. Failure to attend the orientation without valid reason and supporting documents will be recorded in the student’s progress report.

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