Feedbacks Complaint and Dispute Resolution



1. ACE has a documented closed-loop feedback and complaint management system in place to gather and address all feedbacks and complaints received.

2. A student dispute may arise from any aspect of a student’s educational experience at ACE which they believe to be unfair, unjust or unreasonable.

3. ACE treats all grievances, disputes, and appeals as important feedback.

4. ACE has CASE IDS issued and staff specially assigned to handle feedbacks, complaints and/or grievances (dispute) by following the relevant procedures.

5. ACE is committed in resolving any feedback within 14  days, complaint within 21 working days from the time the complaint is received and if the complaint is not resolved amicably within the stipulated period of 21 days, it will be channeled as a ‘Grievance / Dispute Resolution’ to either CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme, or the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT), or student’s own legal counsel.




Head of Operations 

1a. Receive feedback, records the case  and sends an acknowledgement email with a case ID to the person / entity giving the feedback / complaint. 

 1b. Issued the case ID to the relevant Head of Department. 

Relevant Head of Department 

2. Investigate and review the case and make recommended / appropriate rectification action(s) / answer to the management for approval.  

 NOTE: If it’s a positive suggestion, the Head of Department shall also evaluate and indicate whether recommend an award for the suggestion. 

Relevant Head of Department 

3a. Upon approval, respond to the person/entity by either sending an emails or calling the person within 14 days. 

3b. Implement the recommended action(s)

  •  Satisfy with the resolution – Close Case ID
  •  Not satisfy with the resolution / answer – Continue with Step 4 

Management Team 

4. The feedback escalated as complaint will be raised to the Management Team for review and either maintain its initial resolution offered or to provide a secondary resolution to be close within 21 days. 

  •  Satisfy with the secondary resolution / reply by Management Team – Close Case ID 
  •  Not satisfy with the secondary resolution / reply by Management Team – Proceed to dispute resolution (Grievance)  channeled to CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme, or the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT), or student’s own legal counsel.

If the stakeholder (student) is not satisfied with the resolution, the MT member will assist the stakeholder to seek redress via:
a. CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme; or
b. The Small Claims Tribunals (SCT), for clear-cut fee refund issues of equivalent or less than S$20,000; or
c. The stakeholder’s own legal counsel.
(For amounts that exceed SGD$20,000 but are less than SGD$30,000, the claim can still proceed with SCT if both parties consent to it in writing.)

The stakeholder could refer to the relevant webpage showing CPE’s Dispute Resolution. ACE shall cooperate fully with the CPE Mediation Centre or SCT in working towards a resolution.

ACE treats all complaints, disputes, and appeals as the important feedback. A Management Team member is assigned to manage such case.

When a CASE is/becomes a regulatory or statutory non-compliances flagged by CPE or other regulatory bodies or key partners of ACE. The Case / Resolution will be tracked and evaluated for its effectiveness with a Corrective Action Plan.

For any feedbacks / Complaints / Compliments,  you can send your questions using our Inquiry and Feedback Form

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