Course Transfer

Course Transfer Policy and Process


1. A standard course transfer request form shall be filled out and signed by a student who intends to change the course or period of study (from full-time to part-time or vice versa) but remains as a student of ACE. 

 2. A written consent from the parent/guardian is needed if the student is less than 18 years of age. For students who is under the Company’s sponsorship, approval for transfer is needed from the company representative. 

3. A student who is transferring to another course will be officially assessed by the centre academic and/or the University Partner to ensure the student fulfils the academic requirement of the new course. The transfer process takes a maximum of 4 weeks to be completed and it can only be processed if the student meets the entry requirements of the new course, upon receipt of the full set of supporting documents and there is no outstanding fee for the consumed study. 

4. Approval for transfer will be granted on a case-by-case basis subject to the student meeting the admission requirement of the new course and approval from the centre and/or University Partner. 

5. The students are advised to continue in their current course till the course transfer is successful and completed. 

6. ACE’s refund policy shall apply for all qualified refund. 

7. ACE shall provide a pre-course counselling session to the student for the intended course. 

8. Upon signing a new Student Contract to cancel the existing contract or issuing an addendum to the existing contract, the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) insurance for the existing contract shall be cancelled when new FPS insurance is purchased, or the existing FPS insurance shall be amended accordingly. If a new Student’s Pass is required, the existing FPS insurance could be cancelled upon the approval of such new Student’s Pass. 

9. For a Student’s Pass holder, course transfer might be subject to ICA’s approval of a new Student’s Pass. If such new Student’s Pass is rejected by ICA, the student could request to withdraw the transfer request to continue with the previous study.




Head of Operations 

1. Receive Service Request for Course Transfer from student. 

Head of Operations 

2. Verify the Transfer Request details to ensure the student has filled in all the necessary information correctly and provided the supporting document(s) if available or being required.  

Head of Operations 

3. Request student to sign on the submitted online Request Form. A written consent from the parent/guardian is needed if the student is less than 18 years of age.  

Relevant Heads of Department 

4. Process Request to check if student meets the necessary requirements. 

Head of Academic – Check to ensure that the student meets the new course minimum entry requirements and make the decision to notify the student within 4 weeks from the point of student’s request. 

NOTE: Follow-up with partnering university, when applicable 

Head of Finance and Human Resources – Determine if any eligible refund for the student or any outstanding payment to be paid by the student. The FM shall also propose the unconsumed course fee to be eligible to transfer to the new course. 

Head of Operations 

5a. Conduct Consultation with student and inform student if he/she has: 

  • Met or failed to meet academic requirements. 
  • If there is any refund entitlement in accordance with the Refund Policy. 
  • If there is any possibility of transferring any unconsumed course fees to the new course with a new Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) insurance. 

In additional, for a Transfer Case: 

  • The need to sign a new Student Contract and cancel the existing contract or amend the existing contract. 
  • The possible need (if required) to apply for New Student’s Pass. 

5b. Seek approval from the Managing Director and update the Tracking of Student Performance Outcomes accordingly. 

Managing Director 

6. Approved – Head of Operations inform student of outcome and process as new student application and new Student Pass, if applicable 

    Rejected – Inform applicant of outcome and explain why the request is rejected.  

    NOTE: Student may appeal and proceed back to Step 4 

Head of Operations 

7. Update the student transfer records. 


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