Community College USA

Community College USA

Broward College a Top Community College in America

Broward College is located in the Sunshine state of Florida. American Center for Education is proud to be partnered with them; as Broward has been ranked in the Top 10 Community Colleges in the Nation by the Aspen Institute. Established in the 1960s having a long tradition of providing education to the public till today. Broward has earned a SACSCOC ( Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) Accreditation. These two award reaffirm the College maintains high standards of education to the student body.

As per their website Broward College describes a bit of it’s history and future:

“As Broward College forges into its second half-century of service to Broward County, it does so as one of the nation’s largest institutions of its type, with a reputation for the pursuit of excellence and service to the diverse communities it serves. Broward College now serves more than 68,000 students annually and employs a faculty and staff of more than 2,000. Two centers have been opened since 2012, the Coral Springs Academic Center on October 22, 2012 and the Miramar West Center on February 25, 2014.”

Students that enter this program will be studying for two years to earn 60 credits at this point they will earn their associate degree. The next stage of higher education will has two options.

  • Continue with Broward College. Which offers two Bachelor degrees: Bachelor’s of Science & Bachelor’s of Applied Science. These both will require a 60 more credits to complete and normally require 2 years of study.
  • Student’s seeking different majors than those offer at Broward College. Can use their transcripts and GPA from the courses to apply for a transfer. The student will be able to to apply for a transfer to the majority of USA Universities which have the desired major of the student

With respect to the paths the student may select from above American Center for Education can provide more guidance if the family can not decide. With our trusted partnership with Broward College; ACE has in-depth knowledge about their programs, on campus living areas, and even have contact with the staff whom can answer any other questions.

In the case a student does elect to transfer to one of the many universities in the USA. Consideration must be made for the major being studied, the rank of the university, and the reputation globally. While all United States Universities off a wide array of majors, it is best to find one with a high ranking in the respective major. If the university has a solid reputation the student can benefit from placing themselves in-front of many others when seeking employment in the future. We can work with the family in the section process as time for every university deadlines for applications differ. ACE must be informed of the decision in a timely manner by the family to ensure we can find the an appropriate fit for student and begin preparing and filing paperwork with the university.

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