American Degree in Singapore

American Degree in Singapore

Your Path to an American Degree

Studying at American Center for Education offers the ability to earn an American Degree in Singapore. We have built partnerships in the United States of America with universities to enable students in Singapore or abroad to make the dream of getting an American degree possible in a timely manner.

All incoming students will start with a similar path. Years 1 and 2 will be studies that develop the student’s general course. They will earn 30 to 60 credits during this time period. Our staff will conduct classes in a manner similar to that found in the USA. Lecturers will give an overview and dive deep into a topic on key concepts and ideas that are needed to have a true understanding. Assignments, discusses, and debates will be used to find weakness in the students’ knowledge and ability to apply the ideas.

As a student approaches year 3, a meeting will be set to discuss the various factors and option to the student. At the meeting we advise both the student and parents on the upcoming options. We inquire about what majors to study, the location of universities, and any concerns the family or student may have. While all United States Universities off a wide array of majors, it is best to find one with a high ranking in the respective major. As for locations being in a major city will allow better access to internships or other social or professional opportunities not found in rural areas of the nation. Lastly the family’s concerns we have had many discussions with parents and students and after getting more information fear uncertainty and doubt all subside. Afterward the student shall have three options will become available at the start of year 3 studies each will lead to an American Degree.

  • Continue year 3 and 4 with the major selected by the student. Then earn the degree with one of our partnered USA Universities (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee from The University of Wisconsin System, and University at Albany from the system of The State University of New York)
  • Dual major the student will engage intensive studies to earn two degrees over 3 years in total the student will have studied for 5 years. These dual degrees come from our partnered USA Universities (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee from The University of Wisconsin System)
  • Apply to an USA University while being part of the Broward College program. A student’s transcripts and GPA from the courses will be used to apply for a transfer. At the time of a transfer the student will be able to apply for a transfer to the majority of USA Universities.

With respect to the paths the student may select from above ACE can provide more guidance if the family can not decide. For transferring to one of our trusted partnered universities ACE has in-depth knowledge about their programs, living areas, and even have contact with the staff whom can fill in any other questions. Being a dual major does offer the student a competitive advantage in the marketplace with the proper pairing such as Computer Science with Finance could start a career in nearly every sector of the economic ranging from Banking to Fitness all business value those majors now. Lastly if a student does elect to transfer to one of the many universities in the USA. Consideration must be made for the major being studied, the rank of the university, and the reputation globally.

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