ACE Commitment

ACE Commitment

At ACE we are committed to providing our students with access to a quality educational experience based on both UK and US Higher Education Systems. The broad knowledge base and skills encountered in the ACE curriculum prepare students to pursue further educational opportunities and to take their place in our dynamic global society. The ongoing involvement of the ACE management, the efforts from the experienced industry professionals, and the continuous support from renowned University Partners assure the quality of the ACE academic programs.

All members of the staff at ACE are devoted to giving personal attention to each and every student. Your success in achieving your educational goals is our number one priority. We promise you that we will spare no effort in helping you realize your highest aspirations and ambitions.

ACE focus on four areas (Guaranteed Services, Fee Collection, Security of Personal Data, and Quality Assurance) in the daily operations to ensure the quality services and high student satisfaction rates.

A. Guaranteed Services

1. Provide comprehensive pre-course counseling and orientation sessions.
2. Offer excellent student support services to foster a pleasant and satisfactory learning experience.
3. Provide enough teaching hours adhering to the timetable.
4. Complete refund within 7 working days for the eligible refund cases.
5. Reward and issue the graduation certificate as early as possible to the approved eligible students to avoid any inconvenience to the students.

B. Fee Collection

1. Ensure the fee structure is clear to all students.
2. Collect fees by following the signed student contract strictly.

C. Security of Personal Data

1. Students and Staff data are treated with strict confidence.Access to the data is restricted to the designated staff only.
2. A consent letter shall be sought from the student before releasing the student data for a reasonable purpose.

D. Quality Assurance

1. Academic Board and Examination Board provide close supervision and monitoring of academic activities for quality education.
2. The Management Team ensures that the corporate work plan, department work plans, and individual work plans are adhered to for quality and performance control.

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