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Course Withdrawal

A. ACE has the following Course Withdrawal Policy.

1. Course Withdrawal refers to a student's request to discontinue from all courses with ACE.

2. Despite the students having signed the Standard Student Contract, the Management is prepared to listen and consider genuine cases of withdrawal requested by students.

3. Consent from parent/guardian is needed if student is below 18 years old.

4. Students are liable to pay for the consumed study if the fee is overdue (if any).

5. ACE's refund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.

6. Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) for the course fee paid will be cancelled.

7. ACE will take a maximum of 4 weeks to complete the course withdrawal process.

8. Student's Pass holder is required to return the student's pass to ACE for cancelation of pass with ICA.

B. ACE has the following Course Withdrawal Procedure.

1. The student who intends to withdraw shall approach the Student Service Officer (SSO) to fill up and sign the withdrawal form (FRM-225 Course Withdrawal & Refund Form). The SSO shall verify the form to ensure the student has filled up all the necessary information with the students signature.

2. The case will be submitted to the relevant Marketing Director (MKD)/Marketing Manager (MM) together with the Academic Department on the same day.

3. The relevant MKD/MM or the Academic Manager (AM) will conduct the Counseling sessions (if applicable) with the student within 3 working days. The findings including the detailed reasons for withdrawal from the counseling session will be updated into the (FRM-225 Course Withdrawal & Refund Form). The MKD/MM or the AM shall try the relevant possibilities to provide alternative solutions to help the student to understand whether withdrawal is the best solution.

4. If alternative solutions cannot resolve the case and the student continues with the withdrawal request, the case will be presented to the Managing Director (MD) for acknowledgment.

5. When the student continues with the withdrawn request, the Refund Procedures will be initiated by the Finance & HR Department to check if the student is qualified to receive any refund. (Refer to the Refund Procedures in Section 4.3.1)

6. The Finance Manager (FM)/Officer, working with other managers, will attend to the various withdrawal steps, including:

a. Issuance of a letter inside the withdrawal form to the student to confirm the withdrawal and refund (if applicable)
b. Cancellation of the Students Pass (if applicable)
c. Termination of the student contract
d. Cancellation of the FPS protection
e. Giving a refund to the student (if applicable)

7. The process starts on the date of receiving the withdrawn request and it shall not take more than 4 weeks to complete.

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