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Course Withdrawal

A. ACE has the following Course Withdrawal Policy.

1. A standard course withdrawal request form shall be filled out and signed by a student who intends to discontinue from all courses with ACE.

2. A written consent from the parent/guardian is needed if the student is less than 18 years of age.

3. The Management is prepared to listen to and consider genuine cases of withdrawal requested by students even after the students have signed the student contract.

4. The withdrawal process takes a maximum of 4 weeks to be completed and the student is liable to pay for the consumed study not being paid (if any).

5. ACE's refund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.

6. The signed student contract and the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) insurance being purchased will be cancelled for the effective withdrawal.

7. ACE shall cancel the Student's Pass (if any) accordingly.

B. ACE has the following Course Withdrawal Procedure.

1. The student who intends to withdraw shall complete and sign the course withdrawal request form (FRM-225 Course Withdrawal & Refund Form). The student shall provide the parent's/legal guardian's written consent if the student is under 18 years of age.

2. The Student Support Officer (SSO) shall verify the form details to ensure the student has filled in all the necessary information. An incomplete form is considered as an invalid request.

3. The Marketing Manager or the AM shall counsel the students to:
a. Determine the reason(s) for the withdrawal and document all findings
b. Propose alternative solutions to students to discourage the student from withdrawing

4. If the withdrawal process continues, the AM shall forward the case to the Finance & HR Department.

5. The Finance & HR Manager (FM) determine whether there is any refund that the student is entitled to according to the Refund Policy. If there is any outstanding payment to be paid by the student, it shall also be indicated. The FM indicates the breakdown of the amount on the withdrawal form. Any entitlement shall be handled according to the Procedure under Criterion 4.3.1.

6. The FM shall obtain the Managing Director's approval to issue the refund amount within 7 working days from the withdrawal request.

7. The AM shall notify the student about the outcome and proceed with the cancellation of the existing Student Contract, FPS and the Student's Pass (if any) accordingly.

8. The AM shall update the Tracking of Student Performance Outcomes accordingly.

9. The AM shall maintain up-to-date student withdrawal records and tracking log.

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