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Course Transfer

A. ACE has the following Course Transfer Policy.

1. Course Transfer refers to a student request for a transfer to another course within ACE. Courses offered in collaboration with partner institutions will be governed separately by different institution's regulations which are beyond the purview of ACE.

2. ACE shall provide pre-course counseling to student for the intended course.

3. Student's request for transfer can only be processed upon if the student meets the entry requirements of the new course and student has completed the installment obligations (payments) for all overdue fees of the existing course (if any).

4. ACE's refund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.

5. Student requesting for course transfer within ACE must withdraw from the existing course by terminating the existing Standard PEI-Student Contract, before signing a new Standard PEI-Student Contract for the new course.

6. Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) for existing course fees paid will be cancelled. A new FPS will be purchased for the intended course fees paid after contract signed.

7. Consent from parent/guardian is needed if student is below the age of 18.

8. ACE will take a maximum of 4 weeks to complete the course transfer process.

9. For Student's Pass holder, course transfer is subject to ICA's approval of the new Student's Pass.

10. If the application of Student's Pass pertaining to transfer is rejected by ICA, the student is required to cancel his current Student's Pass within 7 days.

B. ACE has the following Course Transfer Procedure which allows students to apply to transfer from one course to another course within ACE.

1. The student who intends to transfer to another course in ACE shall approach the SSO to complete the transfer request form (FRM-227 Course Transfer Form). The SSO shall verify the form details to ensure the student has filled in all the necessary information. An incomplete form is considered as an invalid request.

2. The request will be submitted to the Finance Manager (FM)/Finance Officer (FO) on the same day. The Course Consultant/Academic Manager (AM) will be notified by the FM/FO to perform the following activities:

2.1. Check whether the student meets the Entry Requirements/Pre-requisites of the new course.
2.2. Discuss with the student the reasons for the intention to transfer, and explain to the student the implications for his or her Student's Pass, etc. (such as the fact that ACE must cancel the current Student's Pass and apply for a new Student's Pass for the new course. Students cannot hold ACE liable should the Student's Pass application not be approved by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA))
2.3. Inform the student that a transfer course fee and the new Student's Pass application fees are payable upon submission of the form and that the fees are non-refundable.
2.4. Inform the student regarding the amount to be topped up if applicable.

3. If the student still wants to transfer to a new course after the discussion, the FM/Officer presents the case to the AM and the MD for approval.

4. The Refund Procedures will be initiated by the FM/Officer if the student is qualified to receive any refund. For any unconsumed course fees which is not refundable from the previous course, a discount of the new course fee might be given to the student upon the approval from the top management.

5. The FM/Officer, working with the other managers, attends to or oversees the various transfer matters, including:

5.1. Notify the student about the status of the transfer application
5.2. Stop the transfer process if it is not approved
5.3. If the transfer is approved, terminate the existing contract and cancel the FPS protection of the existing course
5.4. Prepare and sign a new course contract
5.5. Cancel the Student's Pass and submit a new Student's Pass application to ICA (if applicable)
5.6. Receive the new payment (if applicable) and buy a new FPS protection

6. Local students will be notified of the outcome within 7 days from the receipt of the transfer request.

7. International students will be notified of the outcome of the Student's Pass application within 4 weeks from the receipt of the transfer request (this may vary and depends on the ICA's processing period).

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