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Student Services

General Services

1. Assistance with application for entry visas for students and relatives
2. Assistance with applying for and renewing the Student's Pass
3. Assistance and advice regarding the general or specialist health services
4. Airport pickup
5. Advice or service regarding accommodation (hostel) options
6. Assistance with bank account opening & currency exchange
7. Purchasing textbooks & reference books
8. TOEFL iBT exam service
9. Certificates, transcripts, and the official statement or letter
10. Close collaboration with parents or guardians of students who are less than 18 years of age
11. Credits transfer service
12. Medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration
13. Fee Protection Scheme
14. Student orientation programs for all newly-enrolled students
15. Access to library, computer room & campus wireless network

Advanced Services

1. Consultant service for student life & personal problems
2. Consultant service for student study & academic related problems
3. Assistance in extra-curricular activities/social activities
4. Career guidance programs to assist students to proceed to higher education
5. Assistance in study tours to visit overseas universities
6. Enhancement program in language skills
7. Assistance in Pastoral Counselling

Other relevant student services might be provided by ACE upon receiving the requests from the students.

The Student Satisfaction Rates are the key performance indicators being monitorred by ACE. Your participanting in feedback and survey activities are appreciated.

Educational Partners
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