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Dispute Resolution


1. The aggrieved party, the student, must submit a standard signed complaint form on the grievance to ACE. If it is a letter or an email, the student shall attach the letter or email to the complaint form.

2. Upon receiving the signed complaint form, ACE will assign the relevant management team member to establish the facts of the case and try to complete the necessary investigation.

3. The relevant manager will submit the proposed decision (about whether the complaint/grievance is justified, and if so, what solution to offer to the student) to the MD for approval.

4. Once the proposed resolution is approved by the MD, it will be updated to the student. These are to be completed within 14 working days from receiving the dispute case.

5. If the student is unsatisfied with the resolution provided by ACE, the student may approach the CPE's Student Services Center (SSC) for assistance. SSC officers will review the case and may refer the student to the CPE Mediation - Arbitration Scheme.

6. ACE will follow up to cooperate with the relevant officers to resolve the dispute.

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