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ACE Commitment

1. Service Guarantees

1.1 Notify each student at least 7 days in advance of any delay in the course commencement date. Such a delay shall not exceed 14 days.

1.2 Make appropriate refunds of the relevant fees according to the Refund Policy.

1.3 Total hours of teaching instruction shall adhere to the timetable provided to students on enrollment.

1.4 Reward the graduation certificate on time to the students who are eligible and approved to be graduated from the relevant course as stated in the student contract.

1.5 Offer excellent facilities and support services to foster a pleasant learning experience for our students.

2. Security of Student Data

2.1 Student data are treated with strict confidence. The access to the data is restricted to only the designated staff.

2.2 A consent letter shall be sought from the student before releasing the student data for a reasonable purpose.

3. Quality Service in Fee Collection

3.1 Our School takes a serious view about the overcharging of students. Any finance staff member who fails to implement the correct charging of fees for courses will be dealt with by the Managing Director (MD). A repeat offender will be disciplined and given a letter of warning.

3.2 Our service staffs are thoroughly briefed on all types of courses and the fees that we charge. A schedule of the prices is given to them to ensure their familiarity.

4. Policy on Unethical Sales Tactics

4.1 ACE maintains the valid contracts with ACE sales persons and external agents. The contracts indicate clearly that all the sales activities must follow the rules and regulation which are defined by ACE, including those government regulations.

4.2 ACE does not condone any activities by ACE sales persons or external agents that involve unethical or unfair sales tactics and practices. Any proven breaching activities will be recorded. The offenses could lead the corrective actions, and warnings, possible immediate termination of contract or further legal actions against such sales persons or external agents if necessary.

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