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Certificate Awarding

  1. The timeline to complete the awarding of certificates shall not exceed 3 months from the date when the module result is officially released.

  2. Every time that the module grades are updated in the student database, the Academic Manager checks the relevant grades to list the students who met the graduation requirements and are ready to graduate.

  3. The Finance & HR Department will be notified by the Academic Manager to check whether these students have cleared all the fees and are eligible to graduate. The internal tracking list (FRM-141 Graduation Eligibility Checklist) is maintained by the Academic Manager.

  4. The Academic Manager updates and verifies the content of the final transcripts and certificates for these students and sends the eligible students' softcopy transcripts and certificates to Academic Board for the approval for graduation.

  5. The Academic Manager can release the final verified hardcopy transcripts to the students so long as the students have no outstanding fees and the final grade of each module have been approved by the Examination Board from the moderation process.

  6. Once the Examination Board's approval is obtained, the Academic Manager or the authorized manager shall prepare the hardcopy version of the graduation certificates (or/and transcripts).

  7. The Academic Manager shall maintain the tracking list (FRM-141) for the delivery of transcripts/certificates. The scan copy of transcript/certificate with the student's signature shall be obtained (if applicable) for the record purpose.

  8. The student study status (Graduation) shall be updated in the student database by the Academic Manager.

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