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Class Attendance

Attendance Requirements:

1. The minimum attendance requirement of no less than 90% for international students is set by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

2. The minimum attendance requirement for non-student pass holders is no less than 75%. The attendance requirements are explained to respective students during the briefing sessions, in the Student Handbook, on the notice board and during orientation at the start of the course.

3. ACE sets the minimum attendance rate (75%) for all students to be qualified to attend the final examination to emphasize the importance of attendance and ensure high-quality learning.

Attending Classes:

1. Students must reach the classroom on time. Late attendances will receive verbal warnings from the lecturer. Three late attendances without valid reasons could be marked as equivalent to one absence from class.

2. The absences from class or late attendances may reduce the final grade for the module.

3. After the class break, all students are expected to be back to the classroom. Latecomers will be noted and this might be counted as the late attendance for repeating occurrence.

4. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom when the class is going on unless they obtain the approval from the lecturer to go to washroom or go for urgent matters.

Medical Certificates and Leave Applications:

1. The students who are sick are required to contact ACE immediately and report the number of days of medical leave approved by the doctor. The students must submit their medical certificates to the student service counter upon their return to school for verification and recording purposes.

2. The students who apply for leave must submit their leave applications (FRM-217 Student Leave Application Form) with valid supporting documents in advance to the student service counter. The application will be verified and approved by the MT on a case-by-case basis. The student shall provide the relevant supporting documents for the leave application. The maximum duration for the leave is two (2) months.

Actions for Attendance Problems:

1. A verbal warning will be given to the student should the student be absent for 2 days in a month without a valid reason. The AM will receive a notification about the list of the absent students. The MT will review and formulate strategies to assist the errant students, if needed.

2. The AM will arrange to meet a student who is absent for 3 days in a month without a valid reason. The AM or the MT member will counsel the student and issue an initial warning letter if necessary.

3. A warning letter will be issued if a student's attendance rate falls below 90% where necessary.

4. If the student is absent from classes without a valid reason, is regularly absent from classes or has a long term medical leave (more than 5 days), ACE will inform the student's parents or guardian about the case.

5. A student who is absent from classes for seven (7) consecutive days without informing the school about any valid reasons or the student had left Singapore without informing the school will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course. ACE shall try the best to contact the students first before deciding to expel the student. Such evidence shall be recorded. The MT will be informed and with the approval from MD to expel the student. The MR shall also make a police report lodged for the missing student and cancel the Student's Pass accordingly.

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