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Appeal Request

1. If the student is not satisfied with the assessment results including the final grade, the student shall complete the form (FRM-009 Appeal Form) and submit it to the AM within 10 working days after the assessment results or final grade has been released.

2. The AM shall acknowledge the student's appeal of a result and collect the relevant input into the appeal form and forward the appeal to the Examination Board for review. The Examination Board shall review the appeal and revert the decision to the AM as follows:
a. Within 4 weeks for in-house developed courses; and
b. Within 8 weeks for externally developed courses.

3. The decision made by the Examination Board shall be final. No further appeal will be entertained.

4. The AM shall release the result of the appeal to the student within 3 working days upon receiving the result from the Examination Board. The AM shall update the tracking log accordingly.

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