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Appeal Request

ACE has adopted the following Procedures to Handle Appeals of assessment results, module final grades, or the relevant academic/operation decisions. The procedures are fair and do not compromise the integrity of the examination process or the grading standards.

a. The students who are not satisfied with their assessment results, module final grade, or the relevant academic/operation decisions may submit an appeal request (FRM-009 Appeal Form) to the student service counter together with the payment for the appeal service charge.

b. The student service officer will acknowledge the form and forward the appeal case to the relevant department manager only when the payment for the service charge is received or is waived.

c. The relevant department manager will process the appeal case accordingly.

d. For the academic related cases, the Academic Manager (AM) might require the relevant input/comment from the related lecturers. For the non-academic cases, the related manager/officer might be required to give the input/comment.

e. For non-academic appeal cases, the relevant manager shall complete the investigation and get the MT to approve the proposed action/decision and release it to the student within 4 weeks.

f. For academic appeal cases regarding in-house courses, the AM submits the appeal details (including the lecturer's response and the analysis/comments from the AM) to the AD for a proposed decision which will be sent to the Academic/Examination Board for approval before releasing it to the student. The process shall be completed within 4 weeks.

g. For courses administered by a partner organization, the AM submits the appeal details (including the lecturer's response and the analysis/comments from the AM) to the partner organization for a decision. The Academic/Examination Board shall acknowledge such decision. The process shall be completed within 8 weeks.

h. The AM will then update the records and release the appeal outcome to the student by email or written notice.

i. The AM archives all the correspondence and documents properly and maintains all the appeal cases.

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