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Master of Science in Architectural Studies (major in Sustainable Design)

1. Title and Origin:
• Master of Science in Architectural Studies (major in Sustainable Design) - MSD
• University of Florida, USA

2. Program Summary:

The three-semester UF Master of Science in Architectural Studies (major in Sustainable Design) program leads to a post-graduate professional degree in the specialized field of sustainable design. Open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any field, it is an excellent opportunity for enhancing a student’s educational background, professional qualifications or teaching credentials through individualized, in-depth and interdisciplinary research in specific areas under the guidance of faculty specialists.

The program is what’s known in the industry as a hybrid distance education program. It is designed for participants who are working or for whatever reason, cannot pick up and leave to attend a master’s program full time. We use a variety of tools to ensure that the program is equal to or better than what you would experience if you were on campus full time.

Each course has lectures, readings assignments and online assessments which are delivered asynchronously-meaning that you can study according to your schedule and review the material as often as necessary. Additional, we have a weekly video conference to discuss the course materials with the group-essentially it’s a graduate seminar format.

We have several “fly-in” sessions to give everyone face-to-face time in concentrated workshop formats. There are two trips Gainesville and one to Singapore/the Netherlands-the airfare and food of which are in addition to the tuition (we provide accommodations and local transportation on these trips).

3. Entry Requirements:
Academic Requirements:
English Requirements (if native language is not English):

4. Total Course Duration/Instruction Hours:
• Full Time: 12 Months/360 hours
• Part Time: 12 Months/360 hours

5. Mode of Delivery, Class Size and Intake:
Delivery:Online classes, Lectures and Tutorials
Class Size:Minimum Ten (10) - Maximum Twenty Five (25), Student-faculty Ratio: 12:1
Intake:May of each year

6. Course Fees:

7. Course Synopses and Module Syllabus:
here to download the Course Synopses and Module Syllabus.!-> The Synopses and Syllabus are being updated at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience!

    Semester 1: 12CR
  1. • International Sustainable Development 4CR
  2. • Sustainable Design Problem Solving 4CR
  3. • Ecological Issues in Sustainability 4CR

    Semester 2: 12CR
  1. • Design Studio in Sustainability 6CR
  2. • Comparative Law and Policy for Sustainability 3CR
  3. • Greening Existing Buildings 2CR
  4. • Capstone Project Proposal Development 1CR

    Semester 3: 12CR
  1. • Sustainability Capstone Project 6CR
  2. • Electives in Sustainable Design 4CR
  3. • Cases of Sustainability in Practice (study tour in US) 2CR

8. Graduation Requirement
• Pass all modules

9. Assessment Methods:
• Assignment (Homework, Quizzes, Group work & etc)
• Mid-Term Examination
• Final Examination

10. Lecturers:
Please refer to this page for the relevant lecturers being assigned to the relevant modules.

If you need any extra information about this course, please click here to write to ACE course consultants.

Educational Partners
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee University of Florida University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire