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Post-graduate Diploma in Chinese Studies (Mandarin)

1. Title and Origin:
• Post-graduate Diploma in Chinese Studies (Mandarin) (PGDCS)
• American Center for Education

2. Program Summary:

The course is a higher-level study on the several aspects of Chinese Culture, including Buddhist Culture's history and how it affects Chinese, the relationship between China and Western Culture, how the two Cultures affect each other.

3. Entry Requirements:
Academic Requirements:
Language Requirements:

4. Total Course Duration/Instruction Hours:
• Full Time: Theory study, 6 Months/150 hours, 5 sessions per week x 3 hours
• Part Time: Theory study, 10 Months/150 hours, 2 sessions per week x 3 hours

5. Mode of Delivery, Class Size and Intake:
Delivery: Lectures and Tutorials (Face to face)
Class Size: Minimum Six (6) - Maximum Forty (40)
Intake: Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov of each year
*Note: The course intake months might be adjusted.

6. Course Fees:

7. Course Synopses and Module Syllabus:
Please write to to obtain the relevant Course Synopses and Module Syllabus.

    Major Modules:
  1. • Research on Chinese Buddhist Culture
  2. • Comparison Research of China and Western Culture
  3. • Pre-Qin Dynasty Scholars and their thoughts
  4. • Yijing or Book of Changes
  5. • Lao Tzu's Moral Classics
  6. • Test1

8. Graduation Requirement
• Pass all Modules

9. Assessment Methods:
• Assignment (Homework, Quizzes, Group work & etc)
• Project

10. Lecturers:
Please refer to this page for the relevant lecturers being assigned to the relevant modules.

If you need any extra information about this course, please click here to write to ACE course consultants.

Educational Partners
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