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Graduate Outcomes

ACE is providing the summary of the Graduate Employment Survey to the relevant stakeholders.

SN Conduct Month Standard Employment Rate* Employment Rate on Conduct Date* Course Relevant to the Employment (5 is the best) Satisfaction Rate of Studying Experience in ACE (5 is the best)
1 Jan 2017 N.A. 60% 3.67 4.67
2 Mar 2018 N.A. 83.3% N.A. 3.00*
3 Jun 2019 Pending Pending Pending Pending


The rate 3.00 is the revised result updated on 6 Apr 2019.

The Standard Employment Rate is for whether the graduates have secured a full-time job within 12 months after the graduation.

The Employment Rate on conduct date is related to the employment on the survey conduct date regardless of the graduation dates.

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