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Student Contract and Fees

All the local and international students, including part-time students, are required to sign the Student Contract with ACE upon the acceptance of the enrolment offer provided by ACE during the Admission Process.

Note: For those courses less than 50 hours or 1 month, the Student Contract is not required.

The students must understand the Student Contract completely prior to enrolment to minimize any future disputes. The students can retrieve any information about the Student Contract easily from our website, our course consultants, and our school's relevant staffs and our school's approved agents.


  1. Before signing the Student Contract, no course fee should be paid.
  2. The student shall obtain and keep one of the two original copies of the Student Contract signed by both the student and ACE.
  3. If the student is below age of 18, the parent or guardian shall also sign the Student Contract and the relevant documents.

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) provides the Standard Student Contracts which you can download from CPE's website.
Before signing the Student Contract, please read carefully and sign the Advisory Note to Students.

  1. Advisory Note to Students (English)
  2. Advisory Note to Students (Chinese)
  3. Advisory Note to Students (Vietnamese)

If you have any enquiries regarding the Student Contract, please contact ACE student services department.

The following table shows the possible MISCELLANEOUS FEES (S$) involved while studying in ACE.
(Note: please refer to your student contract if there are any fee differences in the amount.)

Purpose of Fee Amount (including GST)(S$)
1. Airport Pickup Fee 100
2. Accommodation Arrangement Service (Non-hostel) 200
3. Service Charge for Applying for a Singapore Entry Visa 100
4. Service Charge for Applying for an US Student Visa 1800
5. Internal Course Transfer Fee 100
6. Admin Charge for Late Payment 300
7. Service Charge for Replacement of Student's Pass 50
8. Fee for Re-taking an Examination (Per subject) 375
9. Appeal of Assessment Results 100
10. Re-issue of the Official Certificate 100
11. Re-issue of the Official Transcript 100
12. Fee for re-module subjects in ALA / AGE (per subject) 1850
13. Fee for re-taking a TOEFL based Internal English Test 100

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