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Enrollment of Local Students

Documents to Be Provided by the Applicants

1. Complete the local student enrollment application form and Pre-Course Counseling Acknowledgement, and pay the application fee

2. Highest award certificates (Original and Notarized)

3. Transcripts of academic results of highest award certificates, grading systems (Original and Notarized)

4. Photocopy of Valid Pass in Singapore (such as NRIC, EP/WP/S-Pass/DP)

5. Photocopy of Passport photo

6. Photocopy of Passport (Singaporean/PR is not required to provide this document)

7. Original certificate for TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT results (if applicable)

8. Certified copies of personal awards, CV, recommendation letters and so on (if applicable)

Educational Partners
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee University of Florida University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire University at Albany Broward College