Introduction | American Center for Education


The American Center for Education (ACE) is the higher education provider in Singapore established through collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, USA. ACE offers a very promising higher education pathway to its students. ACE helps them to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed in today’s challenging world market for talent.

ACE is located in Singapore. The Republic of Singapore offers a favorable social environment and a rich diversity of cultures, in a global city that is renowned worldwide for its efficiency, safety, and cleanliness.


ERF Registration

  • CPE Registration No.: 200703019D
  • First Registration: 2010.06.23
  • Validity: 2015.07.08 - 2019.07.07

EduTrust Status

  • EduTrust Award: Provisional
  • Cert No.: EDU-3-3132
  • Validity: 2018.07.04-2019.07.03

Educational Partners
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee University of Florida University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire University at Albany Broward College