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Dr. Douglas Johnson

Dr. Douglas Johnson ˹.Լѷʿ



ԼѷʿΪ˹Ǵѧ UWRFܶ˳30꣬ӵжݴѧĿѧѧʿѧλԼմѧIJʿѧλ

Dr. Robert Baker

Dr. Robert Baker ޲.˲ʿ



Eric Ong

Ms Marie-Jose Jed 󼪴Ůʿ


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Dr. Wainam Wong

Dr. Wainam Wong

Member of the Academic Board & the Examination Board

Dr. Wong has more than 45 years of working experience in the areas of technical and management as well as training and consultancy. His areas of training and consultancy range from Industrial Engineering, Production Management, Resource Management, PP&C, Automation, Computerisation, Management Information Systems, Productivity and Quality Improvement Techniques, Quality Award Assessment techniques, OJT, Work Redesign, People Development, Service Excellence for Achieving Singapore Service Quality Award as well as Total Quality Management.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee University of Florida University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire